Lorne Clarke

Moonlight and Cider

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Moonlight and Cider

recorded at Pip Street Studios
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
produced by James Gordon
mastered by Karl Machat at Mister's Mastering House, Toronto

All songs written by Lorne P. Clarke
copyright 2007 (SOCAN)


01. Moonlight and Cider
02. Dead Town
03. Madame Agathe
04. How Do We Sleep at Night?
05. Rasputin Lives
06. Earthquakes, Fires, and Floods
07. Black Car
08. Friendly Fire
09. Parades
10. Carnival
11. Toronto the Good
12. Execution Nights
13. Gold
14. Where's John
15. When Christmas Comes Around

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The Musicians

Lorne Clarke
lead vocals, acoustic guitars

James Gordon
recorder, tin whistles, accordion, piano, harmonica

Evan Gordon

Geordie Gordon

Molly Kurvink
bass guitar, vocals

Jude Vadala