Where's John
by Lorne Clarke copyright 2003

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Johnny married Clara
In the fall of '45
The big war finally over
Somewhat shocked to be alive
And he took her to the home farm
In the Pennsylvania hills
An angel from Connecticut
And a man with iron will

In truth they never got along
Unless he wanted to
He treated her like a hired girl
He told her what to do
But she would never argue
Though she'd mutter and she'd stew
But it seems they truly were in love
It's just that no one knew

Where's John?   Where's John?

It all started to unravel
In her bedroom late one night
She got up to use the toilet
But she could not find the light
Though she¹d lived in that old farmhouse
For nearly 50 years
She sat huddled in the corner
Soiled and full of fear

She never told a soul about it
It only happened just the once
But from time to time she'd burn a pot
Boil it dry while heating lunch
We said she was forgetful
That that was nothing new
But we really weren't around that much
To see the things she'd do

Where's John?   Where's John?

She was on her way to town one day
She always loved to drive
Her only freedom from the farm work
It made her feel alive
But bewilderment beset her
While she was on her way
She had to stop and ask directions
To get back home that day

In time she couldn't hide it
Though she still had lots of tricks
She'd nod in the right places
Though she was scared she might be sick
But it really didn't matter
There was nothing could be done
Her sunset was approaching
And night was going to come
Where's John?   Where's John?

Though she was standing right beside him
When Johnny died that spring
Two days past the funeral
She coud not recall a thing
And though her grief had broken all our hearts
She didn't know where he had gone
She kept searching the horizon
And asking us "Where's John?"

She started living with her daughter
But she'd only sit and stare
Across the kitchen table
Like nobody was there
And she'd often lose her balance
Or try to sit and miss the chair
And she¹d ask about her husband
And why he wasn't there

Where's John?   Where's John?

Everybody loved her
They said she was a doll
One of the kindest people
That this world has ever known
But when her memory failed her
And she was sentenced to stay home
Nobody came to see her
And she was even more alone

Well Clara hasn't gone yet
But we miss her just the same
Rarely now and rarer still
Does the fog lift from her brain
But some things last forever
Like the notes of a sad song
And the love and worry in her voice
When she asks again, "Where's John?"

Where's John?   Where's John?